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Interactive Notebooks can still be done in the Read 180 - System 44 Classroom! I use this rubric to give my Intervention students guidelines for quality and content, and to grade their notebooks. Not only do I use it to grade them, but every other week or so, they assess themselves or one of their peers. This has allowed me to keep track of their Independent Reading better than any other checklist or record keeping.
Are you looking for a structured graphic organizer narrative writing?  Some students require more guidance and structure when it comes to writing.  Included in the packet:
  • a fun Bigfoot prompt
  • a filled in color coded sample graphic organizer
  • matching sample essay
  • graphic organizer with prompt
  • blank graphic organizer
This Perfect Paragraph Organizer and Checklist is used on a weekly basis.  It provides structure for the struggling writers in your classroom.  The Checklist gives them guidelines to self-edit and peer-edit before it gets to me.
My students struggle with remembering the difference between multiples and factors.  The time we spend going over these multiple charts is well spent!  These are a perfect fit for Interactive Math Notebooks, and are among the most used reference pages with my students. 
In my classroom, these are used during our Student Led Conferences, but they have been used for Weekly Progress reports.  Quick and simple, but they can really help your students stay on track.
This packet was created out of necessity and desperation - like most teacher creations:).  I was looking for someway to help my students understand the long division algorithm.  We did it with Post Its, but I needed an easier and less expensive way to get the same point across.  For more information on how I did this with my students, check out my post - Post It Note Division.  Included in this packet:
  • Introduction
  • Directions for Printing
  • Suggested Uses
  • Step by Step Example Using the Mats
  • 8 Interactive Long Division Mats (4Color Coded and 4 Black-White)
  • Doubles of the Black-White for Interactive Notebooks (separate folder)
  • 3 Sets of Number Tiles (full color, color number, and black number)
Simply put, I got tired of waiting for someone else to do it.  Common Core suggests using a vertical number line for positive and negative integers.  It makes sense, but they are difficult to find.  I made one earlier this summer, but was not really happy with it.  This is perfect!
These are made to go with the classroom number line.  Same thing, -20 through 20, all in student size.  Two copies are included so you can have the option of printing two to a page and making them the perfect size for Interactive Notebooks.
These are free!  I use them in my classroom to make the expectations for behavior perfectly clear!  Included are posters specifically made for my Read 180 Rotations!

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