Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Peek At My Week - Maroo and Interactive Notebooks

Happy Sunday everyone!  I am linking up with Jennifer of Mrs. Laffin's Laughings, for her new linky!
Now that the school year has begun, I am going to try to limit my blogging to about two times a week.  I really like the idea of this linky, because it will motivate me to get my PLANNING done for the week!

So here is a peek at my upcoming week!

1.  There are still about sixteen Early Goal Conferences to go!  My schedule is packed, and that doesn't include my six students that will have a "conference" at the SIT meeting this week.  As I said in Friday's post, so far they are going great!

2.  This year instead of a single piece of paper Reading Log, or a spiral notebook of summaries, I wanted to try something a little different.

This is a peek at last week's homework and classwork.  This year, I wanted to roll their "Reading Log" and "Classwork" into one.  Yes, I realize that this is not new to some of you, but it is different for me.  In the past, their Reading Logs for homework stayed separate from classwork.  We would do great things in class, but they were turned in as single assignments.  So, this year I am going the Interactive Notebook route.  I am going to try to keep everything, but essays in this notebook. 
We are reading Maroo of the Winter Caves in class.  Most of my students are not able to read it on their own at home, so their homework consists of "re-reading" sections that we have gone over (and over) in class and answering questions.  Just one question per night.  This week, we are going to be focusing on finding evidence to support their answers.  The questions are typed up, printed out four to a page, and cut - that way they only take up half a page.  We have discovered that they need to be taped down, because the glue sticks left them falling off about halfway through the week.  Part of their morning warm up is to share their answer with a partner, and revise it if necessary.

3.  This last Friday, I gave the kids a peek at the Iceman by letting them watch about ten minutes of a video.  They are hooked.  This week, we are going to dig into some text regarding the discovery of the Iceman, and tie it in with archeological evidence and techniques in Social Studies.  This is how we are starting...
With my kids, we might spend a few days doing this activity.  I have printed it out so this is all on one page for them.  When we are done, they will cut them in half and put them in their Reading Notebooks. 

My goal is to go DEEPER this year with my students.  We are not doing Common Core yet, but this is just good teaching - I don't need any other reason. 

Make sure you check out Jennifer's linky over at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and take a peek at what everyone else is doing!!!


  1. I read this post TWICE. YIPPEE!
    This is the first minute I had some excitement about going back to school to TEACH! (So far, I've only been exciting about cleaning, organizing and decorating.)
    Not sure there are any other teachers more excited about Maroo and Oetzi, but I think we're making up for everyone else!

    Thanks for brightening my day!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. My sixers LOVE Oetzi! The SS teacher began that lesson today... that's all they talked about all afternoon! Gotta go check out Maroo of the Winter Caves now.

  2. That is the best comment/compliment ever! Thank you!

  3. I'm trying Interactive Reading Notebooks as well this year. Did you read any books that helped you plan for this, or are you just kind of figuring it out on your own?

    Simply Sixth Grade

    1. Hi Melissa! I sent you a long answer via email, but I am just going to let our notebooks go where they grow:). This summer I started mapping out a Master Math Notebook, and I was going to follow it to the letter (or number). We are starting our 3rd week of school and I have already switched it up! So I am just going to follow my instincts this year:). Thanks for asking!

  4. I would also like to do more with Notebooks this year. I have a lot of resources, now I just need to get going!

    Thanks for linking up, Susan! I hope to see you again next Sunday!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. It will be an extra motivation to get all of my planning done:)!

  5. Your notebooks look great! Your kids are going to take such pride with their work! How exciting!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. Thank you! I couldn't be prouder of them. Since they are in a reading intervention class, most are struggling with their writing, but they are giving 110%!

  6. This right here would make me want to go through middle school all over again! I'm so excited just reading your post and I want to learn too!
    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    1. Awwww...thank you! Fortunately, this year's crop is eager to learn and excited about learning. We are definitely going to have a good time with the Iceman.